Sometimes my brain feels like one of those ticker counters you see at the stock market. You know, the never ending numbers and symbols scrolling from side to side?  Only mine aren’t numbers and symbols – they’re craft ideas. Or hybrids of an original idea I’ve seen on other blogs.

Here’s the issue with having a ticker in my brain displaying crafty images ALMOST 24/7:  I have a husband, two kids, a home, a group of friends, family, and all the other stuff that life has blessed me with.

Yep – I’ve got a family blog – one that proudly displays adorable pictures of my kids and tells stories about our adventures together.  But I’ve got nothing for ME. Or my crafts.

So, here we are!  Elisa Jae is born.  I’d like to call her my alter-ego, my pen name, my doppelganger, or just another of the many hats I wear.



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