Fun With Washi


Back in March, I went to the Creating Keepsakes scrapbooking convention. It was there that I took a class called Washi 101.  I am SO addicted now!

Here is a plain letter “R” I bought, covered in all the washi tape I currently have.

I also stamped a girl and a mushroom, colored them in, and Mod Podged it all on there together.  This got packaged up as a birthday gift to my sister (whose name starts with “R”, of course)!


Playing With Wire

I have a giant stash of jewelry-making supplies, so one day I played around with my schtuff. Here are some little earrings I made. Super rudimentary, but from afar they’re kinda cute…?

I used wire to create the earring, then a softer blue wire & some czech-ish blue beads.Image

Candy Goodies

I tried embroidery for the first time a couple of months ago on a card I made for  someone. It was really easy to do on paper, so I got a little more brave and tried a tea towel. Aimee Ray has a delicious book called Doodle Stitching – The Motif Collection, in which I found these ADORABLE candy shoppe designs!

I am so proud of my little goodies!  They make me happy whenever I look at them. 🙂

Are You Pinterested?

One of the reasons I decided to start a blog for myself was because of Pinterest.

Oh my goodness, the HOURS I could spend on there!  Sadly, my brain isn’t meant to be a virtual filing system, so imagine my relief when I discovered that Pinterest does that for you!

I had to pick one to start with, and here it is!

This is from The Idea Room, another awesome site I found today.

As soon as I finish mine, I’ll add photos. I can tell you already, it takes a LONG time to complete one ball, and I want to make THREE, just so the photo looks awesome. 🙂